Human Rights Violated in China? How?

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Mon Jun 9 17:21:54 MDT 1997


At 06:16 AM 6/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>        Extendedly, I used to listen to international shortwave broadcasts
>with the collaboration of a Magnavox radio.  While reception from Asia was
>good usually, the same could not be said concerning its content.  Actually,
>the Taiwan, Japanese, and
> Chinese accounts had to be taken with a grain of salt.  More reliable and
>informative were the BBC treatments of the news.

Perhpas you have not been following the other threads. Our Chinese friend
has clearly informed me that these other agencies are all wrong. Truth and
freedom now exist in China and you can take the word of the Chinese
government as gospel, the rest are lies.

>        While changes occur in China and elsewhere, these may be more
>technological than human.  Thus it is still the practice to intimidate
>"dissidents" in some serious manner.  The term "re-education" remains a
>popular euphemism, especially in Asia.

Nope. Again I have been told we know nothing of China and its history when
we make these accusations.

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"The whole point of the Constitution is to limit at some point and in some
way popular will."
Robert Post, Berkeley law professor on Ca. prop. 209 restraining order.
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