Is There Hope?

Chuck Warman cwarman at WF.NET
Tue Jun 10 17:06:16 MDT 1997

At 09:20 PM 6/8/97 -0500, Richard Swerdlin wrote:
>        Only a simple majority is needed to vary income tax rates.  If so
>many people think rates are too high, then the above is a reasonable route.

Yes, unfortunately, this *is* the way it's done, isn't it? So it's entirely
possible for the lower and lower-middle-class majority to simply to take it
*all* from the wealthier majority.  So easy, and so likely.  Thus
destroying our economy's capital base and ensuring permanent class hatred.
Sound familiar?

Given your rather dark view of human nature, Richard, it surprises me that
you'd be so uncritical of a system such as this.

Chuck Warman
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