John Bush jbush at POST.CIS.SMU.EDU
Wed Jun 11 05:43:39 MDT 1997

On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Richard Swerdlin wrote:

> JB:
>         Why not aspire to something more positive, than trying to alibi
> nonsense by considering it "macho" to shit or piss on another person?
I'm afraid you have me confused with someone else.  The incident here
in TX (I'm not too far away from the incident you are referring to)
had nothing to do with events in the military or schools that you are
complaining about.  The incidents here involved older children
harrassing younger ones--some being adults.  That is completely
unlike your general attack on the citidel.

> Relatedly, why does the suggestion of decent treatment of others bug your
> sense of masculinity or toughness?
You just don't get it.  I doubt if I could have made it at the
Citidel, and certainly couldn't have made it in the SEALS or some
other such group.  It has nothing to do with my sense of masculinity
or toughness.  It is because I don't want our military filled with a
bunch of pansies that faint or turn and run when it gets rough.  I
want the stongest, the best defending our country.  In general, I am
going to stay out of these issues.  I will not be appalled by nor
will I attack these incidents.  I would have generally believed that
they could be handled best by those close to the situation.
Unfortunately, in our current political climate, it doesn't seem that
even the leadership at these institutions can do that.  My suggestion
of milk and cookies might not be too far from the mark.

>         There is still time for you to give up the older notions (hook,
> line, and sinker) concerning human relations.  After all, even Paul changed
> on the road to Damascus.
I will continue to laugh at liberals who attempt to use Christianity,
which they despise, as an argument for their ludicrous positions.

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