an endless sea of grovelling

Jim Nantz jimn at INFICAD.COM
Wed Jun 11 23:37:22 MDT 1997

Every time I turn around I see Republicans in congress more and more eager
to drop their pants, bend over and grab their ankles for the benefit of the

Here's a few reasons many conservatives are furious with the Republicans.

We elected them to cut our taxes.
We elected them to stop the foolishness Clinton is pushing through.
We elected them to get government off our backs.

We did not elect them to bend over for the Democrats.

I wonder if the Republicans continue their groveling will they only drive
conservatives in the direction of these third party movements?  It seems to
me that if the conservatives are voting for Republicans and the Republicans
are betraying those voters the conservatives will vote for someone else.
Of course a good question is will the conservative voters vote for other
Republicans or will they vote for someone else?  Other political parties in
our history have gone belly up because they failed to respond to the
demands of the voters.

One final thought:  If Lott and the rest of those gutless wonders on
Capitol Hill are so eager to bend over for the Democrats why don't they
just register as Democrats?

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