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Thu Jun 12 08:20:35 MDT 1997

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Jim wrote:
>Here's a few reasons many conservatives are furious with the Republicans.

>We elected them to cut our taxes.
>We elected them to stop the foolishness Clinton is pushing through.
>We elected them to get government off our backs.

>We did not elect them to bend over for the Democrats.

>I wonder if the Republicans continue their groveling will they only drive
>conservatives in the direction of these third party movements?  It seems to
>me that if the conservatives are voting for Republicans and the Republicans
>are betraying those voters the conservatives will vote for someone else.
>Of course a good question is will the conservative voters vote for other
>Republicans or will they vote for someone else?  Other political parties in
>our history have gone belly up because they failed to respond to the
>demands of the voters.

>One final thought:  If Lott and the rest of those gutless wonders on
>Capitol Hill are so eager to bend over for the Democrats why don't they
>just register as Democrats?

        I share Jim's senitments re: behavior of selected Republicans.
I joined the Republican Party because of its conservativism.  Some
Democrats left the Democratic Party because it has become dominated by
left-wing liberals.  The liberal behavior of the RP leadership could
promote similar defections.  The Republican tent needs repairs.

Bill White

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