. . . Groveling

Carole Bower cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Thu Jun 12 10:13:59 MDT 1997

>        I share Jim's senitments re: behavior of selected Republicans.
>I joined the Republican Party because of its conservativism.  Some
>Democrats left the Democratic Party because it has become dominated by
>left-wing liberals.  The liberal behavior of the RP leadership could
>promote similar defections.  The Republican tent needs repairs.
>Bill White
But, where would we defect to?  Certainly not Perot's party; which i did
defect to for about 6 months but wasn't there long enuf to vote for
anything ;).  Of course, the main problem with that party is Perot.
Anyway, they didn't have anyone running for senate and rep seats and i
doubt any new party would.  Democrats left the party and joined the
Republicans.  There is no place to go except to the Dems and that would
certainly be a step backwards.

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