Why racism will never die and why young people arecontemptous of authority

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Tue Jun 10 17:18:08 MDT 1997

The lesson that we all are learning is quite obvious.  Jay

> From: Stephen A. Frye <safrye at concentric.net>
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> Subject: Re: Why racism will never die and why young people
arecontemptous of              authority
> Date: Wednesday, June 11, 1997 9:25 AM
> >A high school senior and his mother were in court this week in Altanta.
> >seems that the senior got into an argument with one of his teachers and
> >threated him with bodily harm. The teacher reported it and the school
> >voted to not permit the senior to 'stand' with his class during the
> >graduation ceremony. In my day if my parents found this out 'stand'ing
> >all I would be able to do. Today this student's mother not only did not
> >further discipline him but filed suit to injoin the graduation ceremony.
> >lesson this senior learned? It doesn't matter what I do wrong my mother
> >relieve me of my responsibility. The basis for this suit? Yep, you
> >it, the senior is black and the lesson he is learning from this should
> >just as obvious.
> >
> There was an interview on the radio yesterday regarding a high school in
> Mississippi.  I for got the name of the town.
> Anyway - they have a black principal and a white one.  They have a black
> homecoming queen, and a white one.  The honors in the year book - one for
> black student, one for a white.  Student offices switch between black and
> white.  For example - this year the vice president will be black, and the
> secretary white.  Next year those roles will switch.
> One young woman moved to that high school from another state this year.
> She thought the entire system was ridiculous.  She spoke out.  The
> and other administrators have told her to stop rocking the boat.  Most of
> the students of one particular race are very angry with her and harass
> constantly.  Her family has been ridiculed on radio and TV in the area.
> The lesson these students are learning are quite obvious.
> Stephen Frye

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