Why racism will never die and why young people arecontemptous of authority

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Thu Jun 12 21:09:46 MDT 1997

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According to a Libertarian newsletter:

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        * But new research by the Bureau of the Census discovered that
intermarriages between blacks and whites are skyrocketing. Since 1970,
the number of interracial marriages has grown from less than 400,000 to
more than 1.5 million. The number of interracial children has
quadrupled to more than 2 million. And by 1993, one in every eight
African-American marriages included a white spouse -- the highest
percentage in American history.

        "Marriages are becoming more integrated. Government schools are
becoming more segregated. How do we explain this paradox?" asked
Dasbach. "The answer is simple: The government is in charge of schools.
And individuals are in charge of marriage."

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Government: The Opiate Of The Masses

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