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Fri Jun 13 23:01:39 MDT 1997

William B. White wrote:
> From:   NAME: Bill White
>         TEL: 326/371                          <WHITE, BILL AT A1 AT JCCV03>
> To:     IN%"rushtalk at athena.csdco.com"@MRGATE at JCCW22
> PapaPaul wrote:
> >           Well,,,, gulp,,,, I am about to switch
> >           to  the Libertarians.   I like most of
> >           their platform, and the ratio of their
> >           idealism  (a necessary ingredient  for
> >           success) to that  of  the  Republicans
> >           approaches infinity.
>         PapaPaul, do you know of a Libertarian list?
> Bill White


Bill, go to their  site at http://www.lp.org, and
click the  [Directories and Lists]  link to start
searching for the list of your choice.  I used to
belong to a state list, and plan to rejoin within
the next couple of weeks, after I get my computer

Government: The Opiate Of The Masses

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