GH Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Mon Jun 16 05:51:20 MDT 1997

Hi, All:
   I out of my workroom about one week, when I come back, I find that in
my mailbox there are some crosslightes and a mailbook from one of our
friends- John, I spend a lot time to try to download it, finally, I
finished successfully. I think I will read it after I get a mime decode
file, but I never wanted to obtain it, please donot send me again.
   In one of the mail, mention the man- Wei Jing Sheng, If U know, he
already is a American, He would feel shame, and a lot of people say he
only is a Tiao Liang Xiao Chou (contemptible scoundrel).
   There are diffirence culture in U and me, it is difficult if we want
to come to an same conclusion, but I hope some of U can cancel jingo,
sense of banner, reagrd the communist as a enemy, as I said last, U
goverment against the communist, but not the "czarism" in our country.
the world needs peace and development, not compete.
   However, I will leave rushtalk, I think we can discuss it in future.

Ma ZhangKai

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