Is There Hope?

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Tue Jun 10 22:08:20 MDT 1997


All of the minorities have pressure groups that control the clinton white
house. Czar clinton is but a puppet where they control the strings. The
black caucus meets with him often. The African Americans, Asian Americans
and Hispanic Americans have literally hundreds of groups such as the NAACP
that keep pressure on the president and congress.

Their principal organization is the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
in Washington DC and are comprised of hundreds of these organizations. They
are also located in the states and cities where they apply pressure on
local politicians. All of them are indirectly financed by the middle class.
There are no such organizations to champion the rights of their enemy the
European Americans which comprise most of the middle income group.

Why are there no pressure groups to protect the rights of this group of
people, after all they make up the taxpayers that largely finance the
NON-European American organizations. While the EAs are in complete disarray
over how they should be identified, the NONs have the EAs by the throat by
ganging up against the principal taxpayers and workers of the US. The EA
enemies, of course, encourage this disarray and put up roadblocks in DC
against a legal European American ID.

The EAs have been sold a bill of goods by propaganda to continue to use the
denigrated old legal title of "white, not of hispanic origins", and the
all-hemisphere title of "American" which cannot legally be confiscated by
the US.

If the European Americans are to survive in this multicultural society we
must be legally recognized by US government. Get off your seats. Jay
Burchett Prof. (ret), founder National European American Society, PO Box
10103, Prescott, AZ 86304 <nunes at>

> From: Invictus <febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM>
> Subject: Is There Hope?
> Date: Friday, May 30, 1997 2:46 PM
> Folks,
> A liberal friend brags that conservatives haven't a
> chance because, he says, schools and universities
> every year churn out more and more liberals and
> liberal sympathizers.  That is an echo of what
> Mitterand once said when he lost a major election,
> "Not to worry, we still have the schools."  It appears
> that Chirac is the victim of these educated Frenchmen.
> I wonder how the teachers and educators on the list
> feel about this, and if they see any hope in damming
> the tide?
> Regards, PapaPaul
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