Racism WILL die

Robert Neil uarn at MCK-UAII.MCK.NCSU.EDU
Tue Jun 17 14:31:19 MDT 1997

On 11 Jun 97 at 0:43, Jay Klingman wrote:

> Perhaps a few races have been
> absorbed into one race in Japan. I suppose that this is called
> racism by Neil. By that standard the entire world is racist. Jay

No, I do not call absorbing a few races into one race racism. I call
hostility fueled by irrational hatred racism. The Japanese like to
consider themselves one race, but in Japan there are, in fact,
several races. The Japanese consider themselves to be one race
because the other races (Korean, Chinese, Ainu, among others) don't
count. They are barely people and are certainly not Japanese people.
Although everyone in your family from your great grandfather on down
may have been born and raised in Japan, you are a *foreigner* (yuk!).

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