Racism WILL die

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Tue Jun 17 15:45:38 MDT 1997

>No, I do not call absorbing a few races into one race racism. I call
>hostility fueled by irrational hatred racism. The Japanese like to
>consider themselves one race, but in Japan there are, in fact,
>several races. The Japanese consider themselves to be one race
>because the other races (Korean, Chinese, Ainu, among others) don't
>count. They are barely people and are certainly not Japanese people.
>Although everyone in your family from your great grandfather on down
>may have been born and raised in Japan, you are a *foreigner* (yuk!).

I agree with the point you are making, but I don't believe that racism or
discrimination need to be hostile or hateful.  Both are often quite subtle.
 Overt discrimination and displays of racism - such as hangings, cross
burnings, etc., are quite easily identifiable and not so easily deniable.
But such obvious displays are not always the case.  Some discrimination is
subtle, and, as such, is easily rationalized and denied.

Stephen Frye

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