Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Jun 17 23:42:44 MDT 1997

"One must fight, if only to have fought
  according to one's conscience"
June 17, 1997

    In AG Reno's last appearance before
Senator Orin Hatch's Judicial Committee,
he told her again and again that he
respected her and proceeded to treat her
with "softball" questions about her
refusal to recommend a Special Prosecutor
to investigate illegal campaign funding.

    Why this reverence for AG Reno?  Does
she have some evidence of "Hatch problems"
that he would see published if he pressed
her too hard?

    Whatever the reason, if Senator Hatch
can not forcefully pursue this matter, he
ought to recuse himself.

Kenneth E. Wyman

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