tobacco part 2

Jim Nantz jimn at INFICAD.COM
Tue Jun 24 10:29:02 MDT 1997

Stephen I agree that the tobacco companies have lied concerning the dangers
of tobacco.  My point is that the government is going after a legal
industry and is showing a lot of hypocrisy in the process.  If this stuff
is so deadly like they claim it should be banned.  However they're trying
to milk this for even more tax money.  Also they're taking unfair advantage
of the poor unfortunate people who are addicted to this stuff.  So much for
the government that cares so much about us.

My final point is that if they can go after tobacco like this what's next?
Just do like I did and take any newspaper article about the tobacco
settlement and replace the word tobacco with beef or beer, or anything else
you can think of they might go after.

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