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>John, can you describe the features of Rand's America that you 
>have in mind?

>Bill White
Oh, I don't know..............

An industrial community populated by "pragmatic" men who are more concerned with trading favors in order to gain advantage over their competitors rather than by superior production. Men totallly divorced
from any sense of the morality about what they are doing....or what 
they ought to be doing; ie, producing. Who believe they exist at the
pleasure of the State. Who hope the government will toss them another
bone so that they can stay in business another week. And who live
solely to curry favor with their "masters". 

A government populated by thugs who intimidate and dominate;
who create laws, which cannot be kept, in order to instill guilt in 
those who break those laws so the lawbreaker can be more easily   
controlled as a result of their feelings of guilt;  who believe value is
not created by effort, but simply exists, and to the extent that it exists
at all, it exists for them to plunder.  

An anti-thought and range-of-the-moment mentality which allows
that anything is ok so long as it suits one's immediate goals. In fact, a
mentality which is unable to recognize that there is a defference between
ok and not-ok. 

A valueless and principleless society which gets by by trading in favors
and influence rather than in ideas and production.  A society in which
"truth" is elastic and the ability to manipulate and deceive are probably
the only character traits deemed worthwhile; indeed, are prized:   where 
style is sought rather than substance because there is no comprehension
of substance; where substance is irrelevant if it is comnprehended 
at all.  Where entertainment rather than enlightenment is sought. Where
"wishing makes it so".  Where one's desires define reality.

A mentality in which ideas do not have consequences; where the law 
of cause and effect is suspended; and where men are automatons
who function, as do ants; according to some genetic coding.

A mentality which "values" a brain surgeon less than an NBA forward;
and which sees no point in not demanding the "right" to set the
fees and working conditions of that surgeon...or of garbagemen, for that

A mentality which demands the right to loot from his neighbor the 
fruits of his labors; or, through mandatory "volunteerism" his very labor.

I don't know...that's sort of a superficial beginning to answer your question.
It's been 35 years since I've read the book.  :-) 
john v

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