Global warming?

John Nebel nebel at ATHENA.CSDCO.COM
Mon Jun 30 10:47:15 MDT 1997


It's sometimes helpful to ask where it comes from and where it goes.  In
the case of CO2, it does appear to make the global warming fright a total

As for oceans rising, a simple experiment one could perform is to put an
ice cube in a glass of water.  Mark the water level.  Some ice (1/7, right?)
is above the water.  As the ice melts, the water level will not rise, at
least that is what I think should happen remembering high school
chemistry, ice floating because it is less dense than water, water
exhibiting the rather rare characteristic of expanding with temperature
reduction, at least near freezing.

I feel the water level ought to rise.  Too bad for feelings.

John Nebel

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

> I am really curious.
> I read this group, I listen to Rush - as seldom as possible, and I talk
> with a lot of people.  I am now totally convinced that the reason we
> question things has nothing to do with fact or research, but is solely
> based on the political and philosophical associations of the person/persons
> making the original claim.
> Stephen Frye

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