Global warming?

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Mon Jun 30 16:49:16 MDT 1997


At 05:06 PM 6/30/97 EDT, you wrote:
>We really do need a liberal of the caliber of William Thurber,
>almost-Ph.D. just to keep us from careless and sloppy assumptions!
>While I agree that the global warming theory is flawed and that any
>regulatory restrictions on greenhouse gases based on that theory is
>premature, it is not as easy as being portrayed on this list.
>At the risk of sounding like a liberal (Yuk!), I have a couple of
>comments regarding Rush's and Rushtalker's environmental stands.
>Regarding CO2:
>> Wasn't the CO2 man is putting into the atmosphere by burning fossil
>> fuel there in there first place?  In other words, some of the CO2
>> extracted from the atmosphere by prehistoric plants is getting put
>> back where it came from.  Why is this a big worry?
>It is simply a question of magnitude. CO2 levels are high by
>historical standards and rising. The physics of greenhouse gases
>is clear - they hold in heat. Life on earth would not be possible
>without that effect. The fact that much of the CO2 is coming from
>stored up sources is irrelevant.

Junk science. One belch from Mt. Pinatubo(sp?) puts more CO2 and ozone
destroying chemicals in the air than man has done in the last 100 years. I
question the entire argument of global warming (remember only 10 years ago
it was global cooling). We have be keeping track of such things for a mere
100 years out of many billions. That amounts, at best, to a single data
point on the scale of global history. How can anyone but a liberal plot a
trend from a single data point?

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