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Thank you for sharing this.  This is a much needed movement.  I was doing a
paper this week, about a wonderful movement called inclusion.  The object
of it all is to have all kids together in the classroom, regardless of
ability, disability, or anything else.  See, the purpose of school is no
longer education, it's now about socialization, diversity, providing
services, and caring.  Learnin'? Oh, that doesn't matter in schoolin' ...
as long as the money keeps comin' down the pike and kids feel good.

>of our  cultural messes.   The author, Marshall Fritz, is
>one of the leaders in the movement to separate SCHOOL and
>STATE   ~~~ PP
Hey, I had a kid tell me this week that he suffers from ADD, so he can't
study.  Said I, uh, there's something called discipline.  It requires
practice; take off the walkman, find a place by yourself away from the
madding crowd, take out the books, start with fifteen minutes at a time....
He looked sort of disappointed that I wasn't impressed and sympathetic.  BS.
>   Let me fess up that I am only a humble observer
>of the psychiatric scene, not a professional in
>any aspect of the healing business. But by both
>good and ill fortune, I have been close to some of
>their work with friends and family diagnosed as
>ADD, ADHD, Manic Depressive, and depressed.
These guys really make me gag.  A guy looks at a child and wants to get it
on and the quack thinks the guy has to be bothered by it to have the
'disorder'?  What a crock.  So the psychs think that the guys at NAMBLA are
fine, then?  I hear tell that the quacks have new guidelines which say that
homosexuality is normal and that it's abnormal to straighten 'em out.
What's to say? Go, girl.
>   If anyone has doubts about the credibility of these
>people, I direct them to the DSM IV to diagnosis
>302.2 (pedo philia). This latest version of the
>psychiatrists' bible with definitions for all the
>disorders they claim to treat has a new necessary
>condition in order to diagnose a pedo phile: The
>things he does have to bother HIM. There is no
>mention of the victim. If he is not suffering
>        "clinically significant distress or impairment
>        in social, occupational, or other important
>        areas of functioning,"
>he does not, by their defintion, even have the disorder.
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