Mass. law may finally test 2nd Amendment

Mike Wangsmo wanger at REDHAT.COM
Tue Nov 4 06:32:51 MST 1997

>For those that don't get the NRA-ILA Fax Alerts this might be of interest.
>This is probably the most direct a attack on the 2nd amendment so far. If MA
>is stupid enough to pass this trash maybe the 2nd will finally get its day
>in court. However, the fact that it had to be done via stealth during the
>night may mean it has only a small chance of passage. You  poor folks in MA
>are making a joke of Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill and the Boston Tea
>Party. Perhaps you should simply secede and return to the crown as a colony.
>They have already banned all firearms in the UK.

If they are stupid enough to pass this type of legislation, I'll be the first
to vote to MAKE them secede!  I don't want this mentality present in this great
nation!  I guess it is hard to expect much more from a state that keeps
sending Ted back to Washington.


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