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>Just read the following good news concerning the defeat
>of proposed gun restrictions in Washington State.  Do
>you know the struggle in the MASS House is going?
>"In Washington, where one in five residents owns a handgun, the National
>Rifle Association and other gun advocacy groups outspent by 3-to-1
>supporters of a proposition to require gunowners to pass an exam or take an
>eight-hour safety course to get licensed. The measure would also require
>all new guns be sold with trigger locks. The NRA criss-crossed the state,
>warning that proponents' hidden agenda was to eventually register and
>confiscate all handguns."

No, but there was an interesting story on the news about a car jack victim
in New Orleans that shot the perpetrator who may die. Under the new
anit-carjacking law there was no arrest of the victim (boy that sounds
strange). On the other hand the thrust of the news story was that the victim
was in the wrong because he invited trouble by having custom wheels on the
car costing $700 each.

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