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> Ronald Reagan: How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader
> The era of peace and prosperity we are now experiencing is the result of
> the turnaround that occurred during his years in the Oval Office
> . . . . . During his terms, the world witnessed the spread of freedom and
> democracy, and America saw a revival of its economy and the restoration
> of national spirit and pride after years of indefinable malaise
> . . . . . Oddly, though, this president isn't  credited with the changes
> that occurred during these tumultuous  years. His critics, and even many
> of his former aides and  allies, are reluctant to celebrate him as a
> great president.  The question is why?
>  . . . . At the Friday Forum this week of the American Enterprise
> Institute for Public Policy Research <http://www.aei.org/>, Dinesh
> D'Souza will discuss his new book, "Ronald Reagan: How an Ordinary Man
> Became an Extraordinary Leader," and address audience questions. He'll be
> introduced by former U.N. Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
> . . . . . Mr. D'Souza argues that Mr. Reagan  deserves to be considered
> one of the most important presidents in American history, and, with
> Franklin Roosevelt, one of the  most influential of the 20th century
> . . . . . He concludes that if Mr. Reagan does not  fit our
> preconceptions of what makes a great leader, then  we must rethink our
> understanding of both greatness and leadership.
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Bought it a few days ago...recommend it highly to all, regardless of
whether ur a fan or not.

"The sharpest tool in the shed." -- anonymous

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