Gun Battles

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Wed Nov 5 19:59:23 MST 1997

>No, but there was an interesting story on the news about a car jack victim
>in New Orleans that shot the perpetrator who may die. Under the new
>anit-carjacking law there was no arrest of the victim (boy that sounds
>strange). On the other hand the thrust of the news story was that the victim
>was in the wrong because he invited trouble by having custom wheels on the
>car costing $700 each.

Funny interpretation.  All I heard said was that the car had accessories
that the car jacker may have been after.  I sure saw finger of guilt
pointed at the victim - rather it made him more of a victim because of
attempts to make his car more attractive.

I guess this is a perfect manifestation of the phenomenon of two eye
witnesses seeing totally different things!

Personally I'm glad he got shot.

Stephen Frye

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