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A. C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Thu Nov 6 00:22:24 MST 1997

Folks, this list and others have impacted the media in more ways than
one.  If it's not someone posting a letter to the editor, or sharing an
editorial find, then it's opinions about various articles and comments
on today's news.  What does this all mean?  How can we benefit from
these experiences in our relationship with the WWW?  Well, Columbia
Journalism Review (www.cjr.org) online is running a fanstastic article
that explores these and other related issues.  Below are some excerpts,
along with the URL where you can find the article.

BTW, we might all agree that Runyon's quote below *is* in fact common
knowledge, but it still reinforces (and reminds many of) the need and
importance of lists like this one.

"....Change is what many opinion pages are suddenly
all about. Once the ivoriest of towers -
impenetrable, aloof and, perhaps, condescending
or bombastic - opinion pages are being
reexamined at papers across the country. In
probably the most significant development in
these sections since the introduction of the op-ed
page in the early 1970s - and much broader in
scope - both the mission and relevance of the
sections are under scrutiny...."

"...And in Louisville, Keith Runyon adds, "You're
succeeding when people are talking about what
you're writing, when people are acting on things
you're writing about, and when people are
disagreeing with you...."

For entire article:  "Trying to Make Editorials Sing," CJR (Sept/Oct
issue), http://www.cjr.org/current_issue/97-09-10-singing_ed.html

"The sharpest tool in the shed." - anonymous

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