Dan Quayle Blesses Christine

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Nov 6 03:16:08 MST 1997

At 11:12 PM 11/4/97 -0600, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:
>On 11/04/97 21:08:41 A.C. Scul wrote:
>>Dan Quayle made the right choice. This is (was, as of today) a CHOICE
>>between Christie Todd Whitman, a decent Republican governor who, yes, is
>>pro-choice; and McGreevy, a Democrat endorsed by the likes of
>>scandal-ridden, draft-dodging, hypocritical, wishy-washy Klinton, Gore
>>and their cronies.  And that's reality.  The bottom line.
>>Now what were you saying about principles?
>TO: A.C. Szul,
>...the likes of scandal-ridden, draft-dodging, hypocritical, wishy-washy
>Klinton, and Gore support the infanticide of partial birth abortion that
>Christie Whitman supports.  Ergo, in this case there is no "principle"
>amongst any of 'em, unless one would like to ascribe to infanticide the
>matter of principle .... And that is the bottom line.
>   Ken Wyman

        Babies and children, in their goodness and
        hopeful innocence, have a profound civilizing
        effect on us.  Can we imagine how barbaric
        the world would become without them?  When we
        kill them, we kill hope for a more civilized
        planet, we kill our own humanity.  For me the
        issue is fundamental and the candidate better
        have the right answer if he/she wants my vote.

        Regards, PapaPaul
        ~~ Become as a little child (Jesus, LaoTzu)

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