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In spite of the constant fear mongering, doom and gloom of the liberals
nationwide the basic freedoms of this nation are still alive and well. The
conservative groundswell started in '94 continues to reject liberal
feel-goodism in the form of useless but freedom revoking laws.

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Vol. 4, No. 45                                           11/07/97


Ballot Initiative 676 was overwhelmingly  rejected by the voters
of Washington state Tuesday, as the licensing and mandatory
training scheme went down by a margin of more than 2 to 1! An
astounding 71% of the voters rejected the restrictive
registration scheme, even though Sarah Brady and Handgun Control,
Inc. made passage of I-676 their top priority this year, in the
hopes of using the Evergreen State as a testing ground for
licensing nationwide. "The defeat of Initiative 676 is a
disappointing loss..." read HCI's press release the next day.
Propelled by a massive volunteer base, WeCARE and NRA members won
every county, every city, and even won in Seattle, a city which
allegedly was impossible to win. "From Seattle to Spokane, men
and women, young and old, law enforcement and civilians, Democrat
and Republican, gun owners and non-gun owners alike saw the truth
- -- 676 means No safety, No self-defense, and No privacy,"
proclaimed NRA-ILA Executive Director Tanya Metaksa from Bellevue
after the victory.  Even the opponents of freedom couldn't ignore
the resounding message voiced by the voters.  Dr. Paul Herstein
of the Washington Cease Fire Board, backers of I-676, admitted,
"The Legislature will not be looking to anyone other than the
National Rifle Association for guidance on this issue" (Spokane
News Tribune, Nov. 5).

And on the Eastern Seaboard, gun owners played major roles in
electing candidates in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South
Carolina, and New York.  In Virginia, NRA-PVF-endorsed candidates
for governor - Jim Gilmore (R), and attorney general - Mark
Earley (R), both won in landslides, and endorsed candidates won
in 88% of the House of Delegates races as well!  In New Jersey,
NRA-PVF-endorsed Governor Christie Whitman won reelection, and
endorsed candidates won 89 % of their races.   Judge Thomas
Saylor won with NRA-PVF support in Pennsylvania, and will now
serve on the State Supreme Court. In South Carolina,
redistricting produced special elections in the state legislature
and NRA-PVF-endorsed candidates went 9 of 10. And in New York,
NRA-PVF was involved in nine races in four counties and all nine
pro-gun candidates won!

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