Mao, Pol Pot and Social Engineers

Ma ZhangKai Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.COM.CN
Sun Nov 9 10:24:07 MST 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>Dennis Putnam wrote:
> >  And what does the enfeebled mass murderer now have to say?
> >
> >  "Our movement made mistakes," he graciously acknowledges, though he
> >contends he did it all to save Cambodia from domination by its
> >long-standing enemy, Vietnam. He even asserts many of the deaths were the
> >work of the Vietnamese.
> Is this great or what? Pot, Jang and clinton all use the same excuse for
> illegal and/or immoral activity. Is there an unknown appendix to Karl Marx
> book that lists excuses, that all these guys read?

  As I always told you, "Stopper"!
  All murderer is punished at US?  No,NO NO, Do you know the second war
of the world?
Japan entered China, they founded a pilot plant in Ha Er Bin, northeast
of China, they make microbe test use human, China people, called that
victim as "wood"! they kill man is more crueler than Nazi. this army
named 731 specialty army, lead by Shi Jing Si Lang, he killed many
people.1945,9, they pull out China back Japan, 1945,12, Shi Jing Si Lang
was arrested by USA, the end, he is free, he dedicate the test
information as gift to USA, a cruel man like it was not trialled
unexpectedly, why? In order to USA's
benefit! 1950, Shi Jing Si Lang was despatched to Korea ground, 1953,
because the remainder of Shi Jing Si Lang, Ha Er Bin prevailed mouse
  But did your cuntry say sorry to me? NO! dic your country say "Our
movement made mistakes,"? NO!
  Do you know this? I think you don't, if you know, a humanitarian like
you(and Helen, and PapaPaul......) mustn't say that to me!

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