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>   Do you know Gu Hong Ming, a Great master of Confucianism of China, He
>got Doctor degree in Germany, and anothers thirteen Doctor degree in
>west colleges, contained Oxford, Cambridge, he wrote twenty books about
>philosophy use either German or English. If you read the works of Maomu
>(a great English writer, I cann't speel his name correctly in English),
>or only one of his works named <<China travels notes>> issued in 1922,
>you can read a article about Gu HongMing, Maomu wrote this article after
>he visited China and Gu HongMing in 1920.
>  Gu HongMing claimed, the government system of west is already punk,
>the future of the world must converted as a system that based
>Confucianism culture of China, as that man said, "nationhood as we know
>it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global
>authority." this kind of system like a book <<Lao Zi>> described, <<Lao
>Zi>> was wrote in China history three thousands years ago, only five
>thousands words. Unfortunately, I cann't give you a English version,
>because it is wrote in China ancient prose, too abstruse, I cann't
>interpret it. If you want, please read Gu Hong Ming.
>  P.S.  This kind of system like I told you last time, but you say
> Ma

        Maomu is Somerset Maugham.

        Confuscianism is undoubetedly one of the forces
        that created a great culture.  But it also is
        too authoritarian for my taste.

        I have a dozen copies of the DaoDeJing (Book Of
        Tao), in English and Chinese, and nowhere can I
        find evidence that LaoZi (Lao Tzu) thought a single
        world   government or authority was wonderful.
        In fact, his ideal was summed up in neatly in
        Verse 80:

        ",,,Though there may be another
        country in the neighborhood so close that
        they are within sight of each other and
        the crowing of cocks and barking of dogs in
        one place can be heard in the other, yet
        there is no traffic between them, and
        throughout their lives the two peoples have
        nothing to do with each other."

        BTW, Ma, you may be interested to learn that
        LaoZi is a hero to many Americans in the
        Libertarian Party, a party that is very
        opposed to the expansion of government power.

        Regards, PapaPaul

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