Mao, Pol Pot and Social Engineers

Gary Seibel z969876 at WHEAT.FARM.NIU.EDU
Mon Nov 10 16:53:38 MST 1997

>        You're absolutely right.  The Japanese laboratories
>        in Harbin performed unspeakable, criminal experiments
>        on Chinese (AND on American prisoners of war).  The
>        Japanese who performed these experiments -- and the
>        American government officials who gave them freedom --
>        should have been put on trial.  I would like to
>        point out, Mr. Ma, this is ANOTHER example of the evil
>        that governments do.  NO government can be trusted.
>        A government becomes more evil when it grows bigger
>        and bigger.  Another reason for opposing the
>        establishment of a World Government.
>        Regards, PapaPaul
Well if there was a world government then there wouldn't be people of other
nationalities to perform atrocities on.  But then, that never stopped the U.S.
Gary Seibel

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