Student Athletes

Jack Tomsky jtomsky at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Nov 10 18:12:49 MST 1997

About this time every year, commentators are bemoaning the fact that
most student athletes do not graduate from college and that those who do
can't read or write very well.

   What I am shocked about is that the NCAA forbids the athletes to be
paid for their work.  In lieu of pay, they are given a scholarship to
attend classes.  Other employees of the college, such as janitors and
secretaries are given a salary for the work they perform.

   This hypocracy leads to payments and gifts under the table. Many,
though not all, of the athletes are unqualified to meet the academic
admission standards set for other students.  They don't do the homework
assignments and fail to attend classes.  Then the professors are
pressured to give them passing grades.

   I believe that these athletes should have to meet the same admission
and graduation standards as anyone else.  If they are qualified, they
can perform both athletic and scholastic duties.  Most important, they
should be paid a competitive salary.


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