Mao, Pol Pot and Social Engineers

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>  As I always told you, "Stopper"!

Stopper???? I don't understand what you are trying to say but stopper is a
noun meaning an object that blocks some moving medium. What object are you
referring to and what is the moving medium you want to block?

>  All murderer is punished at US?  No,NO NO, Do you know the second war
>of the world?

You are right. I get angry when it happens here so why should I not get
angry when murders get away with it elsewhere?

>Japan entered China, they founded a pilot plant in Ha Er Bin, northeast
>of China, they make microbe test use human, China people, called that
>victim as "wood"! they kill man is more crueler than Nazi. this army
>named 731 specialty army, lead by Shi Jing Si Lang, he killed many
>people.1945,9, they pull out China back Japan, 1945,12, Shi Jing Si Lang
>was arrested by USA, the end, he is free, he dedicate the test
>information as gift to USA, a cruel man like it was not trialled
>unexpectedly, why? In order to USA's
>benefit! 1950, Shi Jing Si Lang was despatched to Korea ground, 1953,
>because the remainder of Shi Jing Si Lang, Ha Er Bin prevailed mouse

Why do you assume that I agree with this. I agree with you that it was wrong
and the perpetrators shold be punished. The fact that they were not does not
mean I accept it. Just as I do not accept Jiang's crimes against humanity
even though he has also not been punished. There is not difference except
that I can speak out against anyone, including this country's leaders, that
commit crimes and are not punished. Unforutnately you can not and your
continued defense of a brutal butcher is proof.

>  But did your cuntry say sorry to me? NO! dic your country say "Our
>movement made mistakes,"? NO!

On behalf of myself, since I cannot speak for my country, I am sorry for
what ever you thing I personally did that was wrong. There, feel better now?

>  Do you know this? I think you don't, if you know, a humanitarian like
>you(and Helen, and PapaPaul......) mustn't say that to me!

Your point has totally escaped me.

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