Mao, Pol Pot and Social Engineers

John Bush jbush at POST.CIS.SMU.EDU
Tue Nov 11 03:28:26 MST 1997

On 11 Nov 97 at 0:00, Ma ZhangKai wrote:

> Ma ZhangKai wrote:
> >Dennis Putnam wrote:
> > >  And what does the enfeebled mass murderer now have to say?
> > >
> > >  "Our movement made mistakes," he graciously acknowledges, though he
> > >contends he did it all to save Cambodia from domination by its
> > >long-standing enemy, Vietnam. He even asserts many of the deaths were the
> > >work of the Vietnamese.
> >
> > Is this great or what? Pot, Jang and clinton all use the same excuse for
> > illegal and/or immoral activity. Is there an unknown appendix to Karl Marx
> > book that lists excuses, that all these guys read?
> Sir,
>   As I always told you, "Stopper"!
>   All murderer is punished at US?  No,NO NO, Do you know the second war
> of the world?
> Japan entered China, they founded a pilot plant in Ha Er Bin, northeast
> of China, they make microbe test use human, China people, called that
> victim as "wood"! they kill man is more crueler than Nazi. this army
> named 731 specialty army, lead by Shi Jing Si Lang, he killed many
> people.1945,9, they pull out China back Japan, 1945,12, Shi Jing Si Lang
> was arrested by USA, the end, he is free, he dedicate the test
> information as gift to USA, a cruel man like it was not trialled
> unexpectedly, why? In order to USA's
> benefit! 1950, Shi Jing Si Lang was despatched to Korea ground, 1953,
> because the remainder of Shi Jing Si Lang, Ha Er Bin prevailed mouse
> pestilence......
>   But did your cuntry say sorry to me? NO! dic your country say "Our
> movement made mistakes,"? NO!
>   Do you know this? I think you don't, if you know, a humanitarian like
> you(and Helen, and PapaPaul......) mustn't say that to me!
You are comparing this incident (which I must admit I've never even
heard of) with the governmental slaughter of their own innocent
citizens?  The incident you are talking about above was not part of
any American movement--why would we say our movement had problems?
But you accepts the slaughter of millions as a problem with the
communist movement in China?  You are sadly deluded.

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