coddling of BC continues.....and few even notice

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FWD: (coddling of BC continues.....with few choosing to notice or even
>     > 3) Last Thursday during the 7am news update Ann Curry told
> Today viewers:
>     "Whitewater prosecutors may have made some potentially
> damaging discoveries in the files of an Arkansas Savings & Loan.
> Witnesses say they turned up a cashiers check for more than
> $20,000 made out in Bill Cinton's name. The President has
> testified under oath that he never borrowed money from the S&L."
>     The key phrase: "potentially damaging." That 17-second item
> read just once on Today represented the totality of broadcast
> network coverage of the Whitewater check discovery until a story
> appeared on Monday's NBC Nightly News. But through Tuesday's
> evening shows nothing yet on ABC or CBS.
>     Tom Brokaw announced on November 10: "For four years now the
> Whitewater investigation has taken numerous and sometimes bizarre
> twists and turns. Well tonight the latest. A discovery in an
> Arkansas car repair shop that could challenge the veracity of
> President Clinton and Hillary Clinton."
>     As transcribed by MRC news analyst Geoffrey Dickens, NBC
> reporter Fred Francis explained:
>     "The mystery begins at Johnny's Transmission shop in south
> Little Rock. An unlikely place to find what could be key evidence
> in the Whitewater investigation. Last spring a tornado ripped
> through this neighborhood, damaging hundreds of cars. Nine years
> ago one of the cars had been abandoned over a repair dispute. It
> belonged to this man, Henry Floyd, a courier for Jim McDougal a
> now jailed Whitewater business partner of President Clinton. Floyd
> had worked at McDougal's failed savings and loan. And incredibly
> he says he forgot that he left six years of bank documents in the
> car. Before junking it mechanic Johnny Lawhorn pried open the
> trunk and found a cashier's check for $27,600 payable to Bill
> Clinton.
>     "Adding to the mystery, Bill Clinton has testified that he
> never borrowed money from his Whitewater partner. But the amount
> of the check corresponds exactly to the amount of a Whitewater
> loan repayment. So why was it made out to Bill Clinton? That's
> what the Whitewater grand jury wants to know. And although
> Clinton's attorneys discredit the new documents there are a trunk
> full of bank records. Some of them relating to a time when Hillary
> Clinton worked as a lawyer on another McDougal land deal, Castle
> Grande. Castle Grande is a thousand acre track that McDougal
> wanted to sell as trailer home sites. The grand jury is now
> examining these documents to help answer the question whether Mrs.
> Clinton has honestly portrayed her role in the financing of that
> project..."
>     Francis ran a soundbite from Paul Greenberg of the Arkansas
> Democrat-Gazette before concluding that "the Whitewater grand jury
> has until next May to make something of this mystery or ask for
> yet another extension."
>     Evidence uncovered that shows the President probably lied, yet
> ABC and CBS have yet to find the discovery of any interest.
source:  ***Media Research Center CyberAlert***, Wednesday, November 12,
1997 (Vol. Two; No. 182)

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