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Rich Cowan wrote:
> *******  NEWS RELEASE  ********      November 12, 1997
>   CONTACT:  Kristin Barrali  (617)354-9363
>             For review copies or interviews
>   "Must reading for those who are serious about advancing real
>   democracy."
>   - Mel King- Co-founder , Rainbow Coalition
>   "...provides much insight into the right-wing onslaught that has sought
>    to impose discipline and obedience in the colleges and universities."
>   -Noam Chomsky, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
> The Center for Campus Organizing (CCO) today released its 132 page book
> documenting Right-wing activity in academia: Uncovering the Right on
> Campus: a guide to resisting conservative attacks on equality and social
> justice. The book exposes right-wing attempts to control the debate on
> affirmative action, financial aid, feminism and gay rights.by way of
> funneling millions of dollars to student groups and newspapers.
> Uncovering the Right on Campus is a culmination of four years of research
> aimed at blowing the cover on the myth that campus Right-wing movements
> grow naturally from the students. The book reveals how, despite their
> backing by millions of corporate dollars, conservative campus groups have
> yet to make an impact proportionate to their checkbook.  Meanwhile, the
> numbers of progressive student activists are growing.
> Uncovering the Right on Campus is written by the staff of the Center for
> Campus Organizing.  CCO is a five-year-old organization dedicated to
> supporting social justice activism and alternative journalism on hundreds
> of college campuses across the country.  CCO provides organizing assistance
> and distributes literature aimed at strengthening and unifying the
> progressive student movement.  Uncovering the Right on Campus is an
> important tool to assist progressive students in their fight for social
> justice.
> The budget cuts of the "Contract with America" were a recent example of
> Right-wing attempts to control education across the country.  The Right
> Wing has been funding conservative campus groups at an annual rate of 10 to
> 20 million dollars since the 1980's in order to to buy influence on college
> campuses.  For example, in 1994 the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
> funded by Allen Bradley Corporation donated over a million dollars to
> conservative campus groups and the Castle Rock Foundation backed by the
> conservative Adolph Coors Foundation gave $225,000 in campus grants.
> Uncovering the Right on Campus (ISBN 0-945210-07-08) is published by Public
> Search Inc. and is available for $8 plus $2 shipping from the Center for
> Campus Organizing, PO Box 748, Cambridge, MA 02142. FAX (617)547-5067.
>                              -30-
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> EXTRA!!!  Excerpts of the the Right Wing Guide are now available
> on the CCO Web Site at:
> http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/cco/right
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crock! ;-)


That's what I think after spending 4 long years at a major NY university
and being subjected [no pity, no tears, just sharing some facts w/
ya'll] to the left-wings' [hereafter referred to as "they"] disgusting
agenda along with 10,000 other unaware
[at least initially] undergrads who were maliciously bilked by the likes
of NYPIRG, harassed by socialist "student" [I use this term lightly
since some were as old as my parents....yah, 40 yr. olds reliving their
pinko youth] orgs. and other leftist groups who consistently aggravated
the delicate university campus balance....

And, oh yah, if I recall correctly it wasn't the "right-wing" gang that
took over -- in a rather violent fashion -- the administration's office
building.  Ya see, "they" used the pretext of protecting the students
against massive tuition hikes by big 'n bad 'ole Albany, while pushing
their backward 'n underhanded agenda....

In retrospect one can only laugh at this gunk "they" write -- included
above for your reading pleasure........just, please, remember to
recycle! :)

"The sharpest tool in the shed." -- anonymous

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