Mao, Pol Pot and Social Engineers

Ma ZhangKai Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.COM.CN
Wed Nov 12 08:51:51 MST 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>>1945,12, Shi Jing Si Lang
>> was arrested by USA, the end, he is free, he dedicate the test
>> information as gift to USA, a cruel man like it was not trialled
>> unexpectedly, why? In order to USA's
>> benefit! 1950, Shi Jing Si Lang was despatched to Korea ground by USA!!! 1953,
>> because the remainder of Shi Jing Si Lang, Ha Er Bin prevailed mouse
Your wrote:
> You are comparing this incident (which I must admit I've never even
> heard of)
   You are very poor in history knowledge, If you cann't read some book
about it, please listen to me, if you want to deny truth only, I have
nothing to tell you.

> with the governmental slaughter of their own innocent
> citizens?  The incident you are talking about above was not part of
> any American movement--why would we say our movement had problems?
  John,1950, Shi Jing Si Lang was despatched to Korea ground by USA!!!
did you really think that the government commit a crime to other country
is not a crime? please think Irap, Panama, Greenada! Why did your
government do such things? Unfortunately, You are sadly deluded truely.
* Rise and fall of country, everyone's responsibility.  *
*                -----A great person in China history   *

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