Mr. President, You Didn't Answer My Question

Larry Long llong at CCAD.UIOWA.EDU
Fri Nov 14 13:43:40 MST 1997

Good point.  Russert was asking about apples and Clinton answered
in oranges.


>Drudge has the following in his latest flash,,,,
>Last weekend on MEET THE PRESS:
>RUSSERT:  People like Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, John Huang have become
>household names in many ways. Do you think that they should come back to
>the United States and not take the Fifth Amendment and voluntarily tell you
>and the country everything they know so we can be certain -- and
>particularly you as Commander-in-Chief -- that our national security was
>not compromised?
>PRESIDENT CLINTON:   When I asked President Jiang about that, you know, the
>question about was the Chinese government involved, which was a question
>that was raised, he emphatically denied to me personally that their
>government had tried to do anything to influence the outcome of this
>And my (PapaPaul's) question is:
>        Now, why in hell doesn't Russert follow up with,
>        "Mr. President, with all due respect, you are
>        beating around the bush in typical style, and
>        NOT answering my damned question,,,,"

"There is no correlation between intelligence and wisdom."

--Uh, I forget who said this.

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