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Can some one explain what I am missing here?

A teacher in WA had a baby fathered by a 6th grader. Although the sex was
consentual, because of his age it was statutory rape. She was convicted of
rape and will get 6 months to 7 1/2 years.

A mother has been convicted of aggrivated assault because she slapped her
daughter who was out of control and swearing. She may not get any jail time
but could get up to 1 year.

A baby sitter shakes a baby to death and is convicted of 2nd degree murder.
She gets off with time served, 9 months.

A local 13 year old preditor in Atlanta killed a father in front of his 2
sons. The victim had his high beams on while waiting in the car outside a
store for his wife. The 13 year old scumbag didn't like the high beams
shining on his drug deal so he put a 38 to the man's head and pulled the
trigger. He was convicted of 1st degree murder but will serve less then the
maximum sentence for the teacher rapist.

No wonder people say the Criminal Justice System is an oxymoron.

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