Mao, Pol Pot and Social Engineers

Ma ZhangKai Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.COM.CN
Thu Nov 13 05:43:45 MST 1997

Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>Dennis wrote:
> Stopper???? I don't understand what you are trying to say but stopper is a
> noun meaning an object that blocks some moving medium.
  You are right, I cann't find out a useful word from my DIC( I am very
poor in English!), as always, you can point all fails anytime! but maybe
you want to tell me a correct one, I'll thank you for everytime!

> You are right. I get angry when it happens here.

> On behalf of myself, since I cannot speak for my country, I am sorry for
> what ever you thing I personally did that was wrong. There, feel better now?
  Sorry, see this example,If I killed you, then tell your son as above,
he will feel better?
  By gainer side, all words is relaxed.
  Just like Japanese said, they always cann't understand Korean always
want to beat Japanese, in all things,economy, science and
technology......even Football play, really cann't they understand? use
you head, use you heart, please?

> Your point has totally escaped me.
  Amnesia only! thank you for prompt, I'll never forget again.
* Rise and fall of country, everyone's responsibility.  *
*                -----A great person in China history   *

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