Mao, Pol Pot and Social Engineers

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Sat Nov 15 10:02:00 MST 1997

At 10:37 AM 11/14/97 +0000, John Bush wrote:
>On 14 Nov 97 at 0:00, Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>> Ma ZhangKai wrote:
>> >>1945,12, Shi Jing Si Lang
>> >> was arrested by USA, the end, he is free, he dedicate the test
>> >> information as gift to USA, a cruel man like it was not trialled
>> >> unexpectedly, why? In order to USA's
>> >> benefit! 1950, Shi Jing Si Lang was despatched to Korea ground by
USA!!! 1953,
>> >> because the remainder of Shi Jing Si Lang, Ha Er Bin prevailed mouse
>> Your wrote:
>> > You are comparing this incident (which I must admit I've never even
>> > heard of)
>>    You are very poor in history knowledge, If you cann't read some book
>> about it, please listen to me, if you want to deny truth only, I have
>> nothing to tell you.
>A later message indicating that you were commenting on the Japanese
>attrocities that were committed.  That I'd heard of.  I certainly
>don't remember any of the names you mentioned though (such as Shi
>Jing Si Lang or Ha Er Bin).  However, I certainly didn't deny it
>happened.  It's relavence on my day to day life certainly is limited
>and I have more important historical events to study.  I will
>certainly admit that my knowledge of Japanese, Chinese,
>Korean...history certainly is limited.


        Ma is pumping air.  Besides, he is using the Chinese
        name of the Japanese perpetrator.  Americans would
        have heard only the Japanese name of the Japanese
        perpetrator, SHIRO ISHII.  Ishii set up "Unit 731"
        in Harbin and other areas of China to conduct germ warfare
        and surgical experiments on Chinese, Koreans, Soviet
        citizens and even some American POW's.  After the war,
        because the American authorities in Japan were afraid the
        experimental data would fall into Russian hands, they gave
        Ishii   amnesty  in exchange for all of that ill-gotten

        As I recall, this story was discussed and debated at
        some length on American television, with interviews
        of some of the Asian and American victims of the
        surgical experiments.  Americans condemned the Japanese,
        and questioned the decision to provide amnesty.  It was
        one of those hard decisions.  Does one let a War Criminal
        go free, or does one keep germ warfare technology out of
        the hands of the Evil Empire, which it could then use
        against the world.  (Similar decisions were made with
        German Bad Guys, I think.)

        Now, be sure to watch BeiJing TV next Monday when they
        will discuss and debate the Crimes In Tibet...

        Regards, PapaPaul

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