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1. WEI Jingsheng Has Been Released, Arriving US Sunday
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Reported by: Bo XIONG, Wei LIN, Yanan WU, 11/16/97

The Chinese government has just released the most prominent dissident
WEI Jingsheng on Sunday morning Beijing time.  His younger brother WEI
Xiaotao told a Hong Kong TV station that WEI Jingsheng was put on a
Northwest Airline flight at 10:30am directly from Beijing to Detroit,
WEI Xiatao said that "The family is very happy. He is in high spirits."
"He is going to Detroit for medical treatment. ... He wants to come back
one day," the brother added.  His sister WEI Shanshan is flying Sunday
Germany to US to meet him.

Wei is freed on medical parole in about two weeks after Chinese
JIANG Zemin's state visit to the US. Before, during and after Jiang's
WEI Jingsheng's name has been mentioned many times along with China's
rights conditions by US officials and overseas media in many occasions.
the past two years, the US government and international society have
pressing the Chinese government to release dissidents, including Wei and
another student leader, WANG Dan. Wang's mother said on Sunday that Wang
was still in jail.

WEI Jingsheng, 47-year-old, served about two years of his second 14-year
sentence on charges of plotting to subvert the Chinese government.
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