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Mike Wangsmo wanger at REDHAT.COM
Sun Nov 16 15:27:15 MST 1997

>True but then you simply don't type login passwords over the internet for
>anything important. That is a good general rule with or without government
>snooping. Interactive connections over the internet are only for fun not for
>real stuff. Data transfers and mail are safe with PGP.

Um, that is not really correct.  I do a LOT of remote system administration
which requires me to send passwords across the internet.  Also, just the act
of working on machines on the outside of Red Hat's firewall requires me to use
secure connections with encryption to get from our internal network to the
external net where out ftp and web server live.

> I don't use an ISP that tightly couples the software to their service like
>AOL. Any one that does and niavely trusts them deserves what they get. PGP
>not only authenticates files or messages but also can encrypt them so only
>the receiver can decrypt it. After all just because I am paranoid does not
>mean they are not out to get me. :-)

Yes, PGP is a good tool.  I should use it more than I do. :(


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