Mr. President, You Didn't Answer My Question

Darling, Charles darlingc at ENG1.OTIS.COM
Mon Nov 17 08:38:00 MST 1997

It's pretty clear -- Jiang doesn't know, he can come here.
     Trie DOES know, he CAN'T !

From: Kenneth E. Wyman
Subject: Re: Mr. President, You Didn't Answer My Question
Date: Friday, November 14, 1997 5:16PM

On 11/14/97 15:43:40 you wrote:
>Good point.  Russert was asking about apples and Clinton answered
>in oranges.
>>PRESIDENT CLINTON:   When I asked President Jiang about that, you know,
the >>question about was the Chinese government involved, which was a
question that was raised, he emphatically denied to me personally that
government had tried to do anything to influence the outcome of this

   Asking Jiang such a question would have been akin to asking
Adolph Hitler if he was killing Jews. Adolph like Jiang would
have smilingly said no.

   In this disengenuous answer, Mr. Clinton is showing his usual
contempt for people's common sense intellegence.  But then, since
he's gotton away with what he has to date, he probably believes
he can show such contempt without fear of contradiction from the
Russerts of a friendly media.

Ken Wyman

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