Au Pair Trial

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Nov 18 03:02:54 MST 1997

At 07:22 AM 11/17/97 -0800, Jack Tomsky wrote:
>During trials in which there is a great deal of publicity, the jury
>is often sequestered. They are kept
>          as prisoners in a hotel and aren't allowed to read the
>newspapers or watch television, except in
>          censored form. I think the judge was highly influenced by
>public opinion. Maybe he should have
>          sequestered himself.
>   Jack

        I like what you say, Jack.  I like it a lot.
        What is the rationale they now use for not
        sequestering themselves?  That they are far
        superior to us common folk and therefore immune
        to influence?

        Regards, PapaPaul

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