clinton vs. Sadam - Food for thought

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        Saddam is Saddam.  It is doubtful that the presence of Mr. X
or Mr. Y in the Oval Office would achieve a remake of Saddam.
He likes to probe or fish.

         Sooner or later the bastard will have to be neutralized, since
biological & chemical weapons should not be taken lightly.  This may
not be a pleasant thought, but our world remains a bit chaotic
anyway, so that forceful action is difficult to avoid.

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> From: Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM>
> Subject: clinton vs. Sadam - Food for thought
> Date: Monday, November 17, 1997 19:59
> 1. clinton campaigned against Bush claiming he spent too much time on
> foreign affairs. Rush predicted clinton's presidency would be defined by
> foreign affairs. Sadly the soccer moms bought clinton's line and could
> see the implications of Rush's prediction.
> 2. Does clinton have the international respect to hold the Arab colition
> together or even reassemble it?
> 3. Does Israel trust clinton like it did Bush enough to refrain from
> retaliation should Sadam launch SCUDs at them again. If Israel attacks
> the colition will fall apart for sure. That was the biggest fear during
> Desert Storm.
> 4. Will Sadam, knowing what a jerk clinton is in the foreign affairs
> test the theory of 3?
> 5. Has the fact that the US elected a traitor, war protestor and one that
> has written that he "loathes the military" to the presidency influenced
> Sadam to test clinton?
> 6. Had Bush been re-elected in '92 and/or Dole in '96, would Sadam have
> tried what he is attempting?
> 7. Is the social engineered military, that clinton has gutted since in
> office, capable of launching a successful precision strike against Iraq
> it did in Desert Storm? Is the morale, training and respect for its
> commander-in-chief sufficient for the troops to be successful without
> excessive casualties?
> 8. What if the troops say they believe a strike against Iraq is morally
> wrong and refuse? What can clinton say?
> Inquiring minds want to know.
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