air bags

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Tue Nov 18 15:14:30 MST 1997

I heard on Fox News today that the government is going to allow some people
to apply for permission to install a switch that will disable the airbags
in their vehicles.

This is the product of a liberal government that is WAY too involved in the
lives of the people.  It's none of their damm business whether or not you
or I disconnect the airbags in our cars and trucks.  A government that has
this level of control scares me.  This may be something fairly innocent but
I wonder what they would be capable of if they had something more sinister
in mind.

Is this what this formerly free and proud society has sunk to?
"Let's fire those fatcat bureaucrats at the EPA who are so dumb they could
throw themselves at the ground and miss." - James Trafficant(D) Ohio

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