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> Subject: Bookstore Hides AEP
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> A few weeks ago I was informed by my local Super Crown, the place where I
> buy my books, that they had four (4) copies of "The Secret Life of Bill
> Clinton" on order.  I left my name and phone number for them to call me
> when they came in.  Friday a week ago they called me and said they had
> arrived.  I hastened down, bought my copy, and have since read it.  I
> noticed at that time, and again a couple of days ago, that none were yet
> on display.  I had them check on the matter only to find out that the
> only copies they had were behind the counter being held as special
> orders.  They apparently have no plans ever to display any copies of a
> book that I understand is deservedly selling like hot cakes around the
> country.  So much for the profit motive with Crown Books.
> Contrary to thoroughly and obviously ill-intended insinuations, my
> Scottish heritage along with the Super Crown's delay in obtaining the
> book was entirely responsible for the fact that I did not have the book
> as soon as some more fortunate souls out there.  As they say in their
> ads, "If you paid full price, you didn't buy it at Crown."  I had no
> intention of paying full price.  Books certainly cost too much.  The
> delay had nothing whatsoever to do with any differences I might have had
> with Ambrose over his Oklahoma City reporting, and I didn't even realize
> I had any differences with him over the Foster case until I had read the
> book.
> Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is an extraordinarily good writer, a shrewd
> interviewer and investigator, and a courageous man.  There should be
> many more like him.  But he's not always right.
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