Bookstore Games

Bobke, Daniel C. BOBKE at OHM.COM
Wed Nov 19 10:21:29 MST 1997

While there may be valid reasons for not stocking a particular book (economic
being the main one), I have had experiences at bookstores that curled my toes.

I became aware of a book called "The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS" by Michael
Fumento when I heard the author interviewed on local talk radio.  It is a very
interesting and thoroughly researched book, but it put forth evidence that the
predicted "heterosexual outbreak" of HIV/AIDS never occurred and will not
occur, because the disease is mainly concentrated in the homosexual male/IV
drug user population.  Anyway, I went looking for the book at B.Dalton and was
told they didn't carry it, but for some reason I just didn't believe the
salesman.  I went looking in the store and found one copy buried behind a
medical dictionary.  When I brought the book up to the counter, the person who
told me they didn't have the book directed me to a different register and went
and took a break!  I filed a complaint with the store manager the next day.
After reading the intro to the book, I realized the struggle it had been to get
the book published and to get stores to carry it.

I have also received similar treatment when looking for copies of Rush's second
book.  I just laugh when the so-called haters of "censorship" will engage in
their own form when the ideas go against their grain.

Dan Bobke

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