Au Pair Trial

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>> At 07:22 AM 11/17/97 -0800, Jack Tomsky wrote:
>> >During trials in which there is a great deal of publicity, the jury
>> >is often sequestered. They are kept
>> >          as prisoners in a hotel and aren't allowed to read the
>> >newspapers or watch television, except in
>> >          censored form. I think the judge was highly influenced by
>> >public opinion. Maybe he should have
>> >          sequestered himself.
>>         I like what you say, Jack.  I like it a lot.
>>         What is the rationale they now use for not
>>         sequestering themselves?  That they are far
>>         superior to us common folk and therefore immune
>>         to influence?
>I don't think this is generally a problem.  However, I don't believe
>too many murder convictions get overturned by judicial fiat either.
>This case may be a good example to sequester the judge as well.

It goes beyond the dramatic decisions as in this case, to all the small
decisions judges make on what evidence is allowed, what questions  can
be presented, what is sustained and overruled, and what instructions
are given to jurors.  And all through this process the judge feels the
pressure from the outside and how it is viewed in the public forum.
The judge decisions are weighed with how people outside of the
courtroom will react.

I say, lock them up. :)

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