air bags

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Wed Nov 19 12:51:33 MST 1997

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, John Bush wrote:

> Should you be able to remove the emmisions devices? the seatbelts?
> the windshield?  Just how far does this idea go?
Seatbelts yes.  Emissions devices yes if they are adversely affecting the
performance of the vehicle.
> The real problem is people couldn't follow a simple set of
> instructions: "If a child (or baby seat) is being put in a seat with
> an airbag, move the seat as far away from the airbag as possible."
> Because parents didn't follow this advice, children were injured and
> killed.  To further prevent problems, we are now scared into putting
> no children in seats with airbags--even though from everything I've
> seen, following the original advice is safe.  Of course, being a
> cautious parent, I will follow the new advice.

When airbags first came out there was little or no warning in the media
that they may be dangerous.  I like many of us on this list are sick and
tired of paper pushers in Washington telling us how to run every second of
our lives.  We resent them telling us that we need their permission to
turn off a safety device that might kill us instead.  My car does not have
airbags, but if I get one that does I will find the wires that are part of
the system that fires the airbag so that I may cut one if I not some
worthless bureaucrat decide I want to.

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