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>When airbags first came out there was little or no warning in the media
>that they may be dangerous.  I like many of us on this list are sick and
>tired of paper pushers in Washington telling us how to run every second of
>our lives.  We resent them telling us that we need their permission to
>turn off a safety device that might kill us instead.  My car does not have
>airbags, but if I get one that does I will find the wires that are part of
>the system that fires the airbag so that I may cut one if I not some
>worthless bureaucrat decide I want to.

Actually that is not quite true. I clearly remember when the airbag proposal
first came out. The opponents were very vocal about them being too
dangerous. Unfortunately these protestations went ignored as the government
continued to exercise more control over our lives. Only experimental devices
were in use a that time so there evidence was considered anectdotal so they
were laughed off as 'right-wing extremists.'

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